Jessica K.    10/12/2017



After my heater stopped working I began contacting local businesses to get quotes for installing a replacement. Four calls and several sky-high quotes...

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Elise Q.      10/22/2017



Every time we've used smith electric the staff is friendly and professional. Highly recommended!

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Yami L.         11/16/2016



Super friendly staff and professional! Would definitely continue to use their services for any future need as well would recommend to anyone!

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The previous year, my swamp cooler went out on my home. I started the research on central air for my home. I meet with 3 different contractors, quotes came in very different. Not knowing anything about this, I had to research a little more. I discovered that the equipment being installed was the same, it was the labor and all the extra's that caused the huge price difference. When I meet with each contractor I explained that I was only shopping, I needed to learn and the process and save the money. Steve with Smith Electric was the ONLY one that took the time to educate me, have patience with me with all the many questions I had and more importantly he listened to my needs, he provided me a quote that would accomplish what I needed and was patience with me when I said I had to save the money... less then a year later I was able to call him back to have it installed. He immediately remember me and came out to do the work. His professionalism, team, flexibility, and most important his ability to listen to what the customer needs is what impressed me the most. I highly recommend Steve, with Smith Electric.


Thank you Smith Electric! Gloria Hernandez



DAOU Vineyards & Winery


DAOU Vineyards & Winery has used Smith Electric Service/HVAC maintenance department for the past several years to install and service our winery chiller units and tasting room and office HVAC systems. We are very pleased with their quality of service and the quick response time if any problems arise.


I highly recommend Russell Lewis and his staff. Russell has gone above and beyond to make himself available no matter the time of day to help us install, maintain and fix our chiller and HVAC systems. We operate two chiller systems 24 hours a day and have had equipment failures a few times in the past year - on two occasions during critical times in our wine making operation - both times Russell has taken charge and worked with the manufacturer to quickly swap out the defective parts to keep us operating. On one occasion Russell was able to get the manufacturer to honor an expired warranty which saved us almost $10,000. On another occasion Russell sent one of his guys to Los Angeles to pick up a part so that we could get the system back on line that same day. This sort of customer service is hard to find.


We look forward to a continued relationship with Smith Electric Service. I sleep better at night knowing these guys have our back when it comes to keeping our chiller and HVAC systems running properly.


Neil Cassidy Chief Financial Officer




JUSTIN Vineyards & Winery


JUSTIN Vineyards & Winery has utilized the skills of the Smith Electric/HVAC maintenance team for many years. They have performed work on almost all machinery/equipment within our facility, and they are constantly our go to company for any technical work we need done. They have worked on our chiller, HVAC, refrigeration, glycol, waste water equipment, and electrical issues that we have encountered throughout my seven years with the company. Their staff is always friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient in all fields of work. We, as a company, never hesitate to pick up the phone and reach out to them for help.


Russell Lewis has always been our main point of contact. He is highly skilled and trained, and is able to come in to our facility, gain an understanding of the issue, and come up with the proper procedures for a speedy fix. He is able to coordinate the other technicians with Smith Electric/HVAC maintenance when it comes to other issues that require specific skill sets. When he has done so, the technician that has reported for the job has always performed to the same level as Russell. Our issues have always been dealt with as if they were of a critical nature, and there is always a conscious effort put in to the time that the job will take. We have never lost time to our production when it comes to remedying an issue we have encountered, and have called Smith to do the repairs.


JUSTIN Vineyards & Winery will continue to build and grow our relationship with Smith Electric Service because of our satisfaction with the job they do as a company.


Matt Locklin Assistant Winemaker




Residential / Vacation


A note of thanks to all of the Smith Electric people who worked on our cabin. Having to so the drive back and forth and sometimes during very hot and cold weather made the job hard.

The Parsons family is very grateful. The cabin is beautiful and it is up to date in all of its functions!


Thank you,

Sandie Parsons


2/09/2016 >>




Electrical Department Manager


I am writing to you to recognize the outstanding service Benji Noriega has provided to my family and me. He is always a pleasure to work with and very professional. Most recently, he completed the relocation of an electrical outlet and installed lighting fixtures into our new homes. I made several request for adjustments before completing the work and he never exhibited any signs of frustration. His priority was always my satisfaction and it seems like that is a rare quality to find with contactors.

I am very thankful Benji is a member of the Smith Electric team and would recommend both to family and to friends. When I hav.e any electrical needs, Benji will always be my first call. Wish you and your staff a wonderful holiday season.


Best Regards,

Michael Lopez





Michael R. Brannon


Brannon Inc. dba

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